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My path in life has led me through pastry shops where I poured my heart into cheesecakes and scones … to training in Communication Studies at Bryant where I focused on personal development and interpersonal relationships … to HR at a huge corporation where I helped people balance work and life while being successful in their careers … to here and now, where I am fully aligned with my values, beliefs and dreams as a Co-Owner of Connected Through Strength.

As a Creative Wellness Professional I love a balance of leading yoga and spin classes, training clients one on one, offering Reiki for healing, leading events and gatherings, and inspiring through coaching. 


Life is damn good!

Erin is one of those people who just radiates light and positive energy. To be in her presence is to add a little bit of sunshine to your day. But Erin is more than just bright and friendly - she is smart and intuitive and has a natural way of making those around her feel comfortable and inspired.
- Julia, Community Planner & Entrepreneur

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