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Edie M: Success losing weight and gaining confidence!

I began working with Erin October 2016. I had lost 60 pounds but still had a long way to go. With the cold weather coming I had a great deal of concern about backsliding. Well with Erin's expertise, encouragement and great attitude I learned lots of ways to keep myself active and losing weight. I've hit 90 pounds lost and thanks to Erin's encouragement I'm confident I will hit my goal!

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Jane S: Wedding Plans & Long Term Goals

I started working one on one with Erin about a year before my wedding, I wasn't seeing any changes by doing the same classes every week and knew I needed a change. I loved working with Erin, I never dreaded a workout, I knew every week would be challenging but fun. She kept me motivated the entire session and I even found myself wishing our sessions were longer. 


After a year working with Erin I walked down the aisle at my wedding feeling great. I felt amazing in my dress and was extremely proud of all we had accomplished together, the best part is that two months after my wedding I haven't lost my motivation to workout, Erin instilled such a work ethic in me and a drive to keep getting stronger, that I gained a new lifestyle instead of just achieving a singular goal for my wedding! 

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Lindsay S: An Athlete Learning Self-Care & Weight Loss

When I was first met Erin, she was so warm and kind hearted. She listened to my goals, and really got to know me as a person. Although I was skeptical (because I had NEVER had a female trainer) she was the perfect fit. As a retired D1 athlete, and constantly working my body hard, she worked with me through advanced, athletic workouts that helped me shed pounds!! Im happy to say working out under Erin's direction and her encouragement in food choices, helped me lose 14 pounds! 


When I was down and had a bad week, cheat meal, whatever - Erin kept me accountable and told me to keep going and not give up! Thank you Erin for your diverse workouts and your commitment to me as I continue on this health journey!

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