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Yoga is a so much more then sun salutations. Yoga is meditation in motion, patience through balance, poetry in breath, clarity with intention, compassion through understanding, strength, flexibility, and more.


I first turned to yoga in the midst of a demanding HR job looking for peace and relaxation, but I found so much more: a connection with my true self, a supporting community, and a purpose. Yoga brings together all that I love most, all that I do best, and gives me the chance to really connect. That’s why all of my classes are designed to inspire clarity, confidence and freedom both on and off the mat. 

Currently I teach at Healing Tree Yoga, Open Doors in Dorchester, and I offer personal yoga sessions through appointment, and provide corporate yoga classes onsite. 

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The best part of training and exercising isn't looking good in my opinion. The best part is feeling good. It's about connecting with your inner strength and becoming empowered and confident.

I am honored to be a Personal Trainer and work with people one on one and in group settings. I enjoy pushing people to their limits and encouraging them to do their best while still having fun! Working hard doesn't have to be hard, it can be challenging and enjoyable, which is what I try to convey in every class and training session. Fitness is an important part of life and I love helping people be healthy and happy.

Currently I offer personal training at people's homes, outdoors, and onsite for individuals and companies. I received my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

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Reiki is a special offering, a way of helping you connect with your highest good, greatest power and well-being.


Translated, Reiki means universal life force energy, and each session helps you clear away heavy feelings of pain and reconnect with the brilliant energy within you, and around you. Reiki has been known to alleviate anxiety and stress, offer relief during emotional distress and sorrow, aid in better sleep, ease pain of migraines, arthritis, other chronic illnesses and injuries, speed up recovery from surgery and long-term illnesses, and bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

In early 2016 I earned my Reiki Master certification and I am currently offering Reiki to individuals and companies onsite. 

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