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Love Letter to 2016

Wow 2016 - I am so glad you're here.

Seriously this is one of the first times I could NOT wait for the new year to begin. I've had my beautiful Danielle LaPorte 2016 Desires Weekly Planner calling my name from the far side of my desk for far too long, and now that 2016 is here I am giddy with joy. And for good reason...

2016 is the year that I am stepping up to the plate! Dreaming bigger. Traveling farther.

Breathing deeper. Living better. Letting go often. Embracing clarity. Savoring connection.

Grounding down. Saying YES. Saying NO.Radiating. Expanding. Trusting. Shining. LIVING.

And it's already off to a great start ::: my vision board is practically finished (one for myself and one for me and my hubby, and yes he helped!) and what's even better is that I've already put things in motion. Awesome-joy-inspiring, heart-filling things that make me want to dance!

Overall I have a really good feeling about this year - from the quiet weeknights that are more fulfilling to the big events that make my heart sing. Now, I know that each year comes struggles and challenges - it's how we learn, grow and change - and I'm ready to embrace them too; but anytime I begin to worry or fear for the future, I just remind myself to trust more, to keep moving, and to never give up (it's okay to hit pause though).

So 2016, I hope you're ready for me! Here's to kissing life right on the lips!

#newyear #goals #intention

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