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Reiki Master Training: Letter of Intention

I am so happy to announce that after many years of dreaming about this, I am taking a HUGE step and training for my third and fourth level (Shinpiden) of Reiki to become a Reiki Master.

After these trainings I will be able to teach other the beauty and power of Reiki and share it with others in a greater capacity. I am going to be learning from the beautiful and inspiring Elise Brenner and look forward to sharing my insights with you.


My first experience with Reiki was surprisingly intense and awakening. I was at the Be Healthy Boston conference many years ago and in a large conference hall filled with many vendors and people, and I remember it was quite loud and overwhelming, which had me questioning whether I should try Reiki for the first time there. But Tara, the practitioner from Brigham and Women’s was so kind, calm, and friendly that I immediately felt reassured that this was the time to try something new, and I am so glad I did because that was a truly transformative experience for me.

I vividly remember feeling a deep connection with all of the energy and beauty around me, and at the same time feeling truly serene and calm like a lake without ripples, I even remember seeing many colors, almost like a gentle waterfall surrounding me. Immediately I knew that Reiki was important to me and my life and I knew I wanted to further my study and connection with this incredible technique. I also knew in that moment that it was one of the ways that I could help others, and provide support, motivation, inspiration and care for those in need.

Ever since I was a small child I have felt called to connect with others and support people in a profound way. For a great deal of my childhood I even believed that I was going to become a Nun someday. Then I became an adult, grew up, went to college, tried out many different career paths. Throughout this time I felt incomplete, not my true self. It wasn’t until I began practicing Reiki and providing it to others that I felt that sense of purpose and truth that I had been missing for so long.

I remember riding the train to and from Liberty Mutual where I worked in their HR department, literally aching to reach out to the people around me and simply hold their hand, or rub their shoulders, or just sit a little closer and let them know that I was there for them. Now, I am blessed to be able to provide support for my students and clients. I am able to share the deep river of compassion and care that flows throughout me. I am able to help and better both myself and others.

My vision is to continue providing support, inspiration and care through Reiki. I plan to use my continued knowledge, education and training from Shinpiden to provide sessions, classes and workshops that are even more grounded, relaxing, clear, inspiring, and healing on all levels. More so, I am beyond excited to share the teachings of Reiki with others through training, so that they may continue their own personal journey with Reiki.

Continuing my Reiki training also feels like the next best step on my own journey of self-discovery. An opportunity for me to further connect with myself, unravel the layers of my own heart, mind and soul, and become more grounded and blossom more brightly. Throughout the Fall I kept asking myself and meditating on my next steps forward and Reiki was the answer that came from deep within. I believe Shinpiden will help me become a better person, practitioner, teacher and coach.

Reiki is many things to me… a bright guiding light, a gentle tenderness of true love, a steady flowing river of healing within, a connection with the great energy around all of us, and more. For these reasons and more I am extremely grateful to take the next step with my Reiki training.

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